Ben Adam-Harris

Ben likes making films and telling stories. From an early age, it was clear a good, well-crafted story was important to him. Back then they sometimes called it lying, but nowadays it's considered all good fun and he is happy to swap his stories and this films for money, which makes his wife and children happy as they like to buy things.


Ben has won awards for his films, which is always lovely. The most recent is in fact for this very film 'La Merde'. A true story as it happens but we've changed it a bit to protect Emma's dignity!


Ben has directed a number of commercials for companies like Matalan, Kinder Surprise, Wisdom Toothpaste and made films for Honda, McDonalds and Samsung.


Kevin started his career in music, having been signed to a British record label, before making the move to film and television.


He has clocked up a long list of credits over 15 years across television, advertising and music videos working extensively as Director, Producer, Cameraman, Sound Recordist and Editor for some of the UK’s leading brands and broadcasters, from his first runner’s job at Pinewood Studios, through to Consulting Producer and Cinematographer on I Am Because We Are (a film by Madonna), which was honoured at Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals.


Since then, Kevin has worked tirelessly to build a varied portfolio of work, from luxury brands (Lexus) to charities (British Heart Foundation), from established artists (David Gray, Jasmine Sullivan, Cee-Lo Green) to emerging talents (Neon Jungle). And let’s not forget that first and deepest love; one that’s led him on many a musical adventure, from BBC classical series to documentary features such as Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who.


Jeremy is a London-based DOP, specialising in comedy, drama, commercials, branded content, documentary and music – including many award-winning shows, both scripted and factual.

He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over a career spanning many years, giving him the ability to create any look required on any digital or film format.

With such expertise comes the ability to be fully adaptable. He’s just as comfortable shooting on a drama or commercial set, designing a lighting plan for a multi-cam studio or shooting a documentary or music video.

Jeremy was responsible for setting the shooting and lighting style for several successful first series, including Peter Kay’s Car Share, Bad Education and Marley’s Ghosts.

All of this is undertaken with creativity, diligence and the skill and expertise that comes from many years mastering his craft


Tony nominated and Drama Desk Award winning composer Grant Olding has over the last fifteen years made a name for himself as a versatile and prolific composer and lyricist who is equally at home writing for film or theatre, orchestra or rock band, acoustic or electronica. A multi-instrumentalist, working out of his studio in the Welsh Marches, Grant has composed for animated feature films, TV sitcoms, documentaries, romantic comedies, ballets, musicals and plays for both the National Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company. He is known for his holistic understanding of drama and ability to write in any number of musical idioms.


I emerged from music into film through a jumble of tape loops, odd synths and unusual sound sources. Coupled with a love of photography, cooking and the great outdoors gives me an often ‘off the wall’ approach to sound and life in general!